More pics to share from our trip. Thanks, Kris!

Thanks, Kris!photo 1 photo 2photo 1 photo 2 photo 3 photo.dessert photo


The Last Supper

20140912_180416Had a great time in fellowship with20140912_180749 20140912_180513 Sue,  Mario, Nancy & Bill. Janna and Nancy shucked and ate oysters, in “True North” style!

last build day

20140912_13174120140912_08270720140912_093922 20140912_093908Our last build day. Baby barn. Pizza. Cutting 2 x 4’s. Working in the basement. Moving drywall. Got a chance to meet the children and see the anticipation in their eyes.

We had to say goodbye to Becky, Don, and Randy. I had mixed feelings of sadness, joy, triumph and accomplisment. I’m thankful to God for bringing me here and helping me complete the assignment.

We’ll leave tomorrow.  Head our separate ways and go back to the “grind”. But, I think we’ll leave with our lives changed, knowing a family has been blessed, an affiliate has been helped, and a community served.


The baby barn is coming together!

20140911_18004420140911_09315620140911_09320620140911_155615Great day of building today. Moved drywall into the house and got a door onto the “baby barn” (shed). Most (if not all) were tired and achy by the end of the day. Traps, biceps, triceps, glutes…yep, all those got worked today!

20140911_090954 BUT, we got a lot done and were so happy to see Becky (partner family) smiling at the progress that had been made. We also met Becky’s husband Glen today.

GOD is good……all the time.